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50th Anniversary Replica Jerseys

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the SMU hockey program reemergence in the 1967/68 season with your very own SMU Replica jersey from Adidas.


To order please email the following to

Adult S-2 XL $200.00
Youth S-XL $150.00
Name        ________
Number   ______
Size           Adult or Youth
Name for back of jersey  _________ (Please note if you want a Captain or Assistant letter)

If you have any questions please email 
or phone (902) 457-0700

Laurie Smith

‘a friend and fan of us all.

Dale Turner

‘Hey honey, what do you think of my pearly whites?’ Wonder what she said after Mount A game?

Ed Lanthier

‘Go ahead,try to beat me 5 hole.’

Bill McNally

‘Try to beat me outside!

Modelling Career?

Could only identify Jeff Leverman. ‘Let us know who other are!’

But can he dress?

‘Thank God, he could play hockey!’


Hockey pic or line up shots!

Suitcase Smith

‘Suitcase Smith at SMU hockey school.’ Gary Smith of Chicago Blackhawks fame and of many other teams too many to mention….hence ‘suitcase.’

Making Moves 101

I cannot understand why he did not go for my ninth fake…

oh I get it, because I only need to make 8 moves.