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List of all people attending, Stars, Fans, Management, and Bench Warmers alike.

Historical Player List and Contact Info

See your nickname or know a name that is missing? We are hoping to populate this list with players and also to update contact info if people wish.

Please email with the necessary info and we will update the list with your email (phone number etc) if you would like to have it published.

Tater – Bill Doherty
Havey or Earl – Randy Kellock
Dickie – Richard Bishop
Crazy legs – Ray Monette
Dickie – Jim Dickey
Soupie – Ian Campbell email Ian
Jungle – John Harrington
Billy Mac or Mac – Bill MacNally
Edgar – Ed Hebert
Clembo – Craig Haskins
Gibby – Gerard Gibbons 1972-1973 email Gerard (902) 454-4054
Trucksee – Steve Dmytruk
Weeds – Dave McKenney
Scooter – Scott Grady
Xray – Ken Martin 1969-1973
Qman – Mike Quinn
Mert – Randy Crowell
Doctor – Dave Knowlan
Gam sucker – Doug Chase
Smitty – Rod Smith
Byrnesy+(plus many others!) – Brian O’Byrne 1967-1971
Church – Chuck LeCain -1968-1972 email Chuck LeCain
Maxie – Darrell Maxwell 1969-1971
Murph – Dennis Murphy 1968-1972
Tanker – Gerry Cameron 1968-1971
Red dog – Ron Hindson 1969-1971
Mynah bird – John Murray
Tuna – Chuck Goddard 1969-1973
Sammy – Sam Lannon 1968-1970
Bobby D – Bobby Dawson 1967-1971
Curly – Curly Gordon 1967
Tex – Joe Chisholm 1967-1968
Jimbo – Jimmy Moore 1967-1968
Boz or Dummy – Carl Boswick 1967-1971 email Carl Boswick
Animal – Bob Warner 1971-1975 email Animal
Mike Backman – Sly
Syd Moore – Vicious
Bruce Cochrane – Big Bird
Murph – Darcy Murphy
Stoner – Gladstone Smith
Moon – Bob Mullins
Big Boy – Al McRae
Hawk – Ritchie Bayes
Indigenous – Ken McLeod
Weasel – Dale Turner
Louie – Dwight Lewis
Rip, Cappy – Tim Ripley
Bimmer,Bim McFall

Assist Sponsors (Auction Item Donation)

Thanks to all the companies and individuals listed below who have donated items for the 2011 BBHAF auctions:

Hal Jones

Five Fisherman Restaurant

Grafton Street Dinner Theater

Scotia Pens, Darrell Eisner

Easton-Bell Sports, Dave Archibald

Chester Golf Club

Chester Playhouse

Osprey Ridge Golf Club

Glen Arbor Golf Club

Best Western Motel, Bridgewater

Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club

Marriott Residence Inn Hotel

Halifax Metro Centre

Canadian Tire, Bridgewater

Golf Central Ltd.

Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Club

Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club

Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club

Toshiba Canada

Hillcrest Volkswagen(1981)Ltd.

Clearwater Seafoods Ltd.

SMU Athletic Department

Nike-Cooper Sports

Fidelity Investments

Delta Hotel, Fredericton

Canada Life

Belliveau Veinotte Accounting

Medavie Blue Cross and Stephen Stewart